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Simultaneous Interpreting

Usually used at international conferences and formal meetings. Simultaneous interpreters work in a booth with at least one colleague. The speaker talks into a microphone and the interpreter renders the translation into a microphone almost simultaneously. Attendees wear headsets which enable them to listen to the interpretation.

Whispering Interpreting (chuchotage)

Useful in bilateral meetings or in groups where only a few delegates do not share a common language. The interpreter is seated or standing among the delegates and interprets directly into the ear of the delegates.

Site Visit Interpreting

Whispering interpreting is best suited to site visits with a small number of participants needing language assistance. For larger groups a tour guide system (with headsets) may be required.

Business Interpreting

Business interpreters typically interpret between a small group of people and may be used to accompany a person on a tour, visit, meeting or interview. They use liaison interpreting (after a short speech, or consecutively sentence-by-sentence).

Consecutive Interpreting

A consecutive interpreter sits with the delegates, listens to the speech (may take notes) and then, at the end, renders it in the other language. Consecutive interpreters can render speeches of ten minutes or more with great accuracy. In some cases, sentence-by-sentence interpreting is more suitable. It is best suited for highly technical meetings, working lunches and small groups.

Training Sessions

We also provide consecutive or ad hoc interpreters for company training sessions. The interpreter translates every few sentences while the speaker pauses thus ensuring that the attendee understands the training session properly.

Video Conference Interpreting

This is used when participants in different locations, speaking a different language, need to communicate via video conference. Interpreters will be sent to the location of your video conference.

Tour Guide Service

We can organise tour guides (with tour guide system and headphones) for events both at home and abroad.

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